Life is a journey that each one of us travels. The journey itself shapes and molds you into the person you are today and the person you are becoming tomorrow. Allow me a few moments to introduce my journey to you.

As a toddler my parents trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior. This lone decision changed the course of my formative years more than any other event. Growing up in church had a sobering effect on my life, but little more. It was not until I came to understand that sin completely separated me from God. At the age of 12 I came to understand and believe in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ. Jesus became both my Lord and Savior.

My life radically transformed. I now had a desire to know Him. I studied the Word through my teenage years and became convinced that God had called me to proclaim His Word. I spent 11 years in college and grad school preparing myself to adequately preach the Word. It was near the end of my grad program that I met and soon married my beloved wife, Jessi. We had our first child shortly about a year later shortly before I finished my M. Div program–Micaiah Judson.

Even after finishing school, God was not done teaching me. God called me to serve at a church in Chicago right after graduation. During this 18 months God graciously gave us our second son–Joshua Hudson. I served as an assistant at a small church on the outer edge of Chicago. My wife and I fell in love with the people, but God was using this time to teach me Ecclesiology. It was at this time that I more fully began to understand the value of an elder lead assembly and the connection between evangelism and the body.

We then moved down to New Tampa in December of 2011 to help with a church plant. It was my desire to use this time to further develop my Ecclesiology. Pastor Henderson and Grace Baptist Church graciously accepted my family into the membership and almost immediately began investing into our lives. I have been able to work through my philosophy by observing the body at Grace and serving as an elder.

Many have asked me what I will be doing next. I believe that God has us here at Grace Baptist Church to help build up the body.


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